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  • Coming up in 2022
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Melliore fund I

Melliore Fund I consist of two sub-funds: Melliore EF 1 and Melliore ER 1.

Sub-fund Melliore EF 1 — acquiring underperforming hotels. Hotel management and brand provided by Mogotel for 3 to 5 years.

Sub-fund Melliore RF 1 — aquaring lease rights. Leasing underperforming hotels. Hotel management under long-term agreements with world-known brands.



Hotel real estate market in Europe has strong growth prospects for the foresaable future, fuelled by worldwide economic growth and growing number of international tourists.


The Fund’s management team is set to utilize and apply the experience of themselves, Mogotel and MV Hotels to bring the value-add for the Melliore Fund I investors.

Proven business model

Both sub-funds — Melliore EF 1 (equity fund acquiring hotels) and Melliore RF 1 (rent fund contracting lease rights of hotels) — are set to utilize on proven business models for strong return generation either through complete organisational turnaround or by attracting long-term lease agreement.

Target focused

Melliore Fund I is set to 100% focus on investments in hotel-focused real estate or real estate lease rights, giving investors guaranteed exposure to the segment.
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