Specialized investment focus on a hotel-related real estate by investing up to 100% of assets in the hotel development and management industry.
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Meet the Team

Vadims Muhins
Hotel Development & Management Experience
Vadims Muhins
Vadims is a Board Member of Melliore Asset Management and he is directly supervising investor relations, preparation of investment strategy and analysis of investment success.

Vadims has extensive experience in hotel management, being the Chairman of the Board of Mogotel and MV Hotels since 2011. During his time with the companies, Mogotel has emerged as the leading hotel operator in the Baltics and quintupled it’s revenue.
Ivans Dokicans
Investment management, law & AML experience
Ivans Dokicans
Ivans is the Chairman of the Board of Melliore Asset Management and is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Fund. Ivans is also responsible for KYC and anti-money laundering processes.

Ivans is an established finance and law professional. He has worked in banking with a focus on assessing and analyzing leads, identifying customer risks and on KYC processes. Ivans has been a General Manager and a Board Member of Vita Credit, gaining experience in corporate management, and strategic planning and control.
Dmitrijs Kocnevs
Financial & Risk management experience
Dmitrijs Kočņevs
Dmitrijs is a Board Member of Melliore Asset Management and is responisble for finance and risk management and valuation processes.

Dmitrijs has more than 12 years experience is finance and risk management. He has been the head of risk management departments in large local banks. Most recently, since 2015, Dmitrijs is a Head of Financial Analysis Department at Vita Credit as the company has successfully grown to over 5 million revenue in 2019.